Encouragment for new moms ( I love these ideas!!!)

I have a couple of friends that are due next month and I found this list from one of my favorite blogs The Finer Things in Life.  Amy recently had a beautiful baby and 4Tunate was a guest post today with some great ideas to encourage new moms.  I love these ideas!!!
I would also suggest checking out both blogs, they’re great! 

Here Are 10 Simple Ways You Can Encourage a New Mom in Your Life:

1. Bring A Meal.
It almost goes without saying, but it truly blesses a new mother to know her dinner is planned and provided. Simple is sufficient. You don’t cook? That’s okay too! Some of my favorite dropped off meals included pizza delivery, a deli meat tray, or a frozen homemade dinner to save for when I needed it.
2. Pray.
The first months of adjusting to motherhood (even for the 2nd, 3rd, or more) time presents itself with a handful of challenges. Schedules are interrupted, sleep is lacking, hormones are whacked, and family relationships are tested. If you do nothing else, just pray!
3. Send Her Out on a Date.
Granted, it may not happen in the first few weeks, but offer your babysitting services for the couple to get some much needed time away, even if it’s just for an hour. My husband and I wouldn’t have survived the first year without some breaks now and then. It was such a refresher to reconnect and get some fresh air.
4. Give a Personal Gift.
Sure, those tiny baby onesies are impossible to pass up, but leave room in your budget for a little pampering gift for the new mama too. Again, it doesn’t have to be anything spectacular or expensive, just a little gift to show that she’s loved. Need ideas? A Starbucks gift card, nail polish, a chick flick, or pajama pants are sure to please!
5. Set Up a Time to Visit.
Sometimes being a new mom is lonely, especially after the newness begins to wear off. Having a friend over for a short visit was a wonderful way for me to personally feel more connected. I loved when a friend from church would drop by and catch me up on things I had been missing, or when a seasoned mom gently gave advise that worked for her newborn. Bonus points for doing a load of laundry while you chat, or washing bottles before you leave.
6. Offer to Do the Dirty Work.
An acquaintance will offer to hold the baby for the mother, but a real friend will clean her fridge. Load up your cleaning caddy, put on some gloves, and bless this mother by an hour or two of cleaning. Better yet? Load some friends in the car too and enjoy some time serving a friend together. After all, many hands make light work.
7. Be A Runner.
You’re off to the grocery? How about making a call first and seeing if there’s anything your friend needs dropped off on the way home or any other errands she needs to run. Library? Post Office? Taking a child to soccer practice? Or you can be a “Diaper Fairy” and leave a package of diapers on their front porch on your way home.
8. Offer To Man the Night Shift.
What to take your friendship to BFF status? THIS is the ticket! Obviously if the mom has chosen to exclusively breastfeed, you might not be too much help, but if the baby can be bottle fed, allowing the mom some much needed rest could be a true gift of love. I will never forget a family who volunteered their Friday nights for several weeks in a row, so that we could get a full 7 hours of precious sleep. Absolutely priceless!
9. Put Together a Box of Sunshine.
Write personal notes of encouragement or Scripture verses on 3 x 5 cards and put in a decorative box. The new mom can reflect on these words and it will minister to her soul. This is a great group project idea you could do as a play group, Bible study, or with co-workers.
10. Insert Your Advice Here.
What’s your favorite way to encourage a new mom? What are some ways that someone has supported you? I look forward to reading your insights….

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