Finally It’s Friday

Finally It’s Friday and I am already planning this weekends agenda.  I really want to declutter.  So my misson for this weekend is clear out and clean up.  One of my dearest friends is almost due with her second baby in 3 weeks and I promised her I would let her borrow some of my baby stuff, so I need to get that out of the attic and clean it up for her.  I want to clear out my closets and donate as much as I can.  I also need to starting pricing stuff for our next garage sale.  The list goes on and on….Most importantly I need to go through the stock pile of stuff (toys, clothes, random goodies) I have bought through out the year and make my Christmas list.  With whatever is left over, I want to post my first giveaway.  I can’t wait, so please stay posted.
What do you have planned for the weekend?
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