Tips to saving money at the grocery store (without coupons)

Tips to saving money at the grocery store
(without coupons)
  1. Use store loyalty card, for example Kroger plus card
  2. Don’t spend money on anything near the register.
  3. Make a list and stick to it.
  4. If you can go alone, the better.  This allows you can go in and out quickly and without junk food and all those things that “kids have to have”.
  5. Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach (if you’re hungry you’ll buy food that you don’t need or shouldn’t have)
  6. Carry a calculator, to find out the price per unit.
  7. Look for manager specials or clearance items
  8. Look at the top and bottom of the shelves. The higher price items are at eye level or where the kiddos can reach.
  9. Purchase fruit and veggies that are in season.  Normally apples, bananas and carrots are very cheap healthy snacks.
  10. Don’t fall for the 10 for 10 deal.  Just buy the amount that  you need. The cost will still be $1 each.
  11. Keep an eye your items when the cashier is ringing them up or check your reciept before you leave the store.
  12. Look for rebates on new items

if you can add to the list, please let me know

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