Please excuse me disappearing for several days

I have been so crazy busy in working in my yard and getting my garden together.  Saturday was weed pulling and clearing.  I never realized how much yard work was an actual work out… Cardio and strengh training at the same time!!  I likie alot!!!  Sunday I actually planted my strawberries on the side of the house and my veggies in the back.  I also got to plant a blackberry bush  that I got as an early “birthday gift”.  I am so excited about all the wonderful food I am going to get this summer!!!  Yesterday when I got home from work, I quickly changed into my “play” clothes and my rain boots and started to watering my fruit and veggies.  I am loving this beautiful weather and hanging outside with the family.  Doing yard work has actually turned into a family affair.  “those that garden together, stay together!” 
(my strawberries)
Are you planting a garden?  If so, what are you growing?  Please share, I would love to know if you have any advice or stories to share….
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