(New) Family Tree Garden Center (Snellville)

I know you think that I am crazy or probably OBSESSED, but I lovin this beautiful weather.  I just want to plant something on every inch of my yard.  I guess I should come up with a plan…anyways, I never thought I would enjoy doing yard work before in my life and now I can’t wait to get out of work everyday to water and sing to my veggies. (I know it sounds strange but I heard it makes for happier plants!!) 
 Today on my way to work I noticed the Family Tree Nursey was open because they are having their Grand Opening.  I instantly thought Grand Opening usually means something FREE, so I pulled in and jumped out of my car and a pretty girl at the front of the store handed my a coupon for a 1 gallon Encore Azalea.  I would have loved to do some more shopping but my time was extremely limited, so I grabed my beautiful Azelea and got back in my car with a feeling of great delight (from getting something for FREE) and big smile on my face.  I will probably go back tomorrow to see what else they’re going to be giving away. 
I did see that their annuals @ $.78 and a six pack of veggies is only $2.99.    This new place is definatly going to be my new favorite place to shop.   
I looked online to see if they a website but no luck but here is their info
  Family Tree Garden Center
(770) 972-2470
1983 Main St E, Snellville, GA 30078  
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