10 Cleaver Ways June Cleaver Kept Life Simple

iMOM put out this super cute list and I had to share…. 

10 Cleaver Ways June Cleaver Kept Life Simple

1. She had her hair done once a week (that sounds nice) and it stayed that way until the next time. We wash, blow dry, and straighten, etc. every day.

2. She wore simple pearls. We create too many choices with tons of accessories.

3. She cooked “meat and potatoes.” We try to create a gourmet meal or dinner perfection every night.

4. She limited her children’s food options. We are short order cooks, or take them out for fast food, or order in.

5. She had fewer clothing choices, wore all purpose dresses and outfits. We overload our closets, and still only wear 20% of what’s in there.

6. She didn’t spend her free time on the computer or watching a Lifetime movie marathon. We waste precious time on Facebook or surfing the net.

7. She kept herself busy with her home life first. We busy ourselves with outside stuff, which puts our home life last.

8. She stayed fit without a gym membership. We have a gym membership and still aren’t fit!

9. She stayed involved with her kid’s lives and choices of friends (see: Eddie Haskell). We give up because it’s all too much to keep track of.

10. She greeted her family with joy. We let stress take over because we have so much going on.

How many of these are you guilty of? Honestly, I’m guilty of pretty much all of them as some point.

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