June monthly spending, saving and earning…

End of Month and yearly review

June Savings                Yearly Savings
Spent $402.29            $1899.30
Saved $374.95            $3004.35
Coupons $206.73        $1502.90
Extra Bucks $29.00     $305.83

%Saved 93.20%          158.18 %

Money Earned

June                          Yearly

Rebates $29.61       $348.05

EBay                        $130.55

Surveys                    $75.00

Total                        $523.99

Last month was not a good month for making any money,  but on the other hand I was on vacation.  This month, I hope to sell some stuff on EBay and maybe get around to doing some surveys.  I wanted to have a garage sale soon but it is just too crazy hot and I want to focus more of my energy on building my blog.  How much are you saving each month?  Do you have any saving or earning goals? 

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