I saved 168.23% at Publix yesterday!!!

I had a fabulous shopping trip at Publix yesterday. I took a picture of all the bags in my trunk but I can’t download the picture at work, maybe, if I get a chance I’ll post it later.
Here is somewhat of a break down of what I bought, sorry too busy to go into details, maybe next time!!

Ground Turkey
Bag of Red, Green and Yellow peppers
2 small broccoli crowns
2 onions
2 cucumbers
1 yellow squash
1 zucchini
1 Iceberg lettuce
Bag of potatoes
Dreamfield penne pasta
2 Arnold wheat bread
1 Sargento cheese sunburst
10 Hunts tomato sauce
Musselman apple sauce
2 Ocean Spray craisins
1 California pizza
2 Farm rich frozen snacks
2 Healthy Balance apple juice
1 Smart Balance milk
1 gallon of Green Wise Organic milk
½ gallon of Publix birthday cake ice cream (Thank you Libby for the FREE coupon!!!)
3 Nestle cookies
*1 Fabuloso
*I Suavitel
*10 Dawn dish soap
*1 Gain dish soap
*2 Palmolive dish soap
I sent a total of $44.64, I saved $75.10 with Publix savings and coupons (168.23 % is savings).  Used $49.52 in manufacture and store coupons.

*Items to be donated to the Southeastern Gwinnett Cooperative Ministry. I have added other goodies to this weeks drop off that were already in my stock pile.

Please consider to give back to your community and give your extras to your local food pantry.  The need is expecitonally high, anything will help!!!

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