Free What to do with my crops? seminar

The Family Treee Garden Center is hosting a free seminar Saturday, July 10th @10 am
Join Ines Beltran, Family and Consumer Sciences Agent of Gwinnett County Extnesion Service
Learn how to correctly preserve all the food you have been growing in your garden.  Ines will teach you how to freeze, can, and store your crops for maximun flavor and nutrional benefit.
For more details, click HERE
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New Organic baby line @ Target “the little seed”

Are you looking to find some cute organic cloths for your baby or baby shower gifts? Target is offering The Little Seed collection. It is super fabulous and is made from 100% organic fibers. I really like the bright colors in the collection and most of the separates can be used interchangeably. No baby in my oven but I have tons of friends that do. I might have to pick some up for shower gifts soon. This collection is only available for a short time July 4- Oct. 16.
Happy Shopping!!!
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Wellness Wednesday

Natural ways to make your water more flavorful

We all know that water is the most important thing our body needs.  Here are some ideas to get some flavor into your water.

Salt– salt has electrolytes which help absorb water quickly, this is a great for when you are working out.

Berries– adds sweetness in your water, just cut or crush and add to your water

Cucumber– makes water taste very refreshing and it looks very spa like

Ginger– great during the winter when you have a sore throat or cold, just add ginger to boiling water

Herbs– my favorite is mint, adds spice and aroma to your water

Citrus– many of us already add lemon to our water, but you can also other citrus which produces water infused with vitamin C

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Free Bath & Body Work Signature Collection body care item

Bath & Body Works is offering a free signature collection body care item (up to a $12 value) with any purchase of $10 or more. 
Plus get free shipping on any purchase that is over $40.
I love these coupons!!! I like to by stocking stuffer gifts with these coupons.
Click HERE to get your coupon
Good until July 25, 2010.
If you want to reedem online use promo code SUNSHIP 
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