Wellness Wednesday

Recently I joined the biggest loser contest at work and I want to share with you my experience during my Wellness Wednesdays. Hopefully this will keep me accountable for my food intake (I am an emotional eater) and physical activity.
I wanted to join the contest, in an effort to lose weight but most importantly get healthier and be fit. (To be perfectly honest, I tired of going up in sizes, 4 sizes to be exact) My self esteem is decreasing and I just to be my old self again. According to the BMI measurement, I am overweight and unfortunately for me I am 4’11” and every pound is very noticeable. Idealistically I would like to be 20 lbs lighter but I’m going to focus on 5 lbs at a time. Baby steps!!!
The funny thing is that…… I know what I need to do, it’s just so hard to be motivated to do it.
 Any suggestions???
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Crazy Crazy Crazy

I am sorry that I haven’t really posted anything lately, it is taking me longer to adjust to blogging again.  I still have hundreds of emails that I have to read and I have yet to unpack my cloths from my trip.  There is just not enough time in the day to do everything.  I plan on going home today to try to catch up on everything. 
My to do list consisit of ……
Washing clothes
Putting all my clothes away
Clearing out my emails
Feed the family
Clean up the ktichen and living room before I go to bed.
Wish me luck!!!

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Madness Monday!!!

Today is Madness Monday and it is crazy busy!!  I just got home on Saturday afternoon from a week long trip at Myrtle Beach.  I was so nice to be out of town , but now I am home and trying to get back on my weekly schedule.  I did some grocery shopping yesterday and I kinda went over my budget but I figured that I got enough food for almost two weeks.  Currently I a cutting my coupons and tossing my expired coupons out from my check book divider.  I hope for things to get back to normal soon…. 
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