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Hello to all, I am sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days, I’m in the process of getting some post together.  If you have and questions or suggestions, please bring them my way.  I would love to hear from you….. you can email me or comment on any post…

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Simple all purpose cleaner

I just wanted to let you know that you do not have to spend tons of money on an all purpose cleaner.  Simply go to the dollar store and buy a spray bottle and add half of it with distilled white vinager and half water.  I use it as my kitchen/restroom cleaner.  It is safe for the kiddos and leaves a soft scent. It is of course, a “green” option, if you want to use products that are better for the enviroment.  You have have babies in your home, you can disinfect their toys soaking them is hot water and a cup of

Home Depot Black Friday Sale

This weekend is a perfect weekend to be out and enjoying the weather in  your yard…

Today at Home Depot they are having a great Black Friday Sale
BOGO Seed packets
BOGO Mulch
FREE Roundup Gallon refill when you buy and roundup pump n’ go

I personally need to buy something to kill all the ants. 
Are you growing a garden this year? If so, any advise for a newbie like me…

BOGO means buy one get one free

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Publix Trip $32.17

How I broke it down….
Box of pampers diapers 19.99-3.00(pc)-2.00(mc)= 14.99
Juicy juice 2.00-1.00(pc)= 1.00
(3) Budding Deli Cuts 3.49- 1.00 (pc)-1.00(mc)=4.47
Trident gum .63-.75(mc)= .12 profit
(2) Mahatma rice .99-.50(mc) doubled = .02 profit
Egglands best 3.99-.50 (mc) doubled = 2.99
(2) Mahatma rice mix .89- .75 (mc)= 1.03
(2) John Frieda hair detangler 2.50-3.00(mc) = 1.01 profit
(2) Yopalit greek yogurt 1.19- 1.19(pc)= free
Stonyfield yogurt =3.59
(2) Hidden valley dressing 3.45-1.00(pc)-1.00(mc)= 2.90
(2) Land’O Lakes Spread .95-.40(mc)doubled= .30
Pampers wipes 2.99- 2.99(pc)= free
Seven generation wipes 4.99- 4.99(mc)=free
Spring Salad mix= 2.00

Publix Coupon  (pc) $17.17
Man. Coupon (mc) $24.29
Special price savings 12.39

SPENT $32.17 SAVED $53.85 WHICH IS 163.39 % IN SAVINGS

If you have any questions, let me know….or if you just want to comment

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Another wonderful coupon, but this time it’s from Staples….15% off your in-store purchase, excluding all computers.  I have $11.40 in Staples rewards, but I don’t think I need anything right now….I might have to do a drive by, on my way home, and check out their clearence, just in case….I love Staples, they offer some great rebates periodically and they also have a good reward program.
Click here to print out your own copy, coupon expires 3/23/2010
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Areopostale deal

In celebration of St. Patty’ day Areopostale is offering a flat $5 shipping rate for online orders of $50 or more, online only.  Just enter promo code LUNCH5 at check out.  This offer is only good today from 11- 4 pm.
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Out of town

Sorry I don’t have much to type about today, I’m away from home right now visiting my cousin in Texas.  I miss my family dearly but at the same time very happy to be sending this time with her.  So long for now.  Don’t forget to change your time before you go to bed.

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Christopoulos year of savings




JANURARY    346.72      597.02       281.03            172.19%

FEBURARY    282.48      653.6          282.11            231.38%

TOTAL           629.2         1250.62      563.14           198.76%

We average about $50 a week on groceries and $10 at the pharmacy.  I know I went a little over budget but I accumulated a good stock pile of toiletries.  I’ll post a picture later…..

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