CVS Trip

My wonderful (sucessful) trip to CVS!!!
 My CVS plan was to just get transactions 1-3.  But then I noticed tons of stuff on clearance.  Now I had to do four different transactions to get all this stuff, but it is all worth it.  The CVS that I shop at has a super nice cashier that says she love to see how much I don’t spend.  That’s good to know that I don’t on her nerves with all of my coupons.  The CVS on 78 on Main street is the best!!!

1st Transaction
Oral-B tooth brush (2) 2.99
Stayfree (4) 3.79
coupons used
-B1G1 Oral-B (1)
-B1G1 Stayfree (2)
-2.00 off Stayfree(2)
-6.00 ECB
Total = 1.84

2nd Transaction
Huggies Pull-ups (2) 8.99
coupons used
-2.00 off Huggies
-8.00 ECB
-2.00 ECB
Total= 5.06
(potty training time)
3rd Transaction
Hershey’s chocolate (2) 2.00 (for Easter baskets)
Kelloggs cereal (4) 2.00
Tums 3.99
coupons used
-1.00 off kelloggs
-1.50 off kelloggs
-2.00 off hershey
-2.00 off tums
-1.99 off CVS hershey’s
-2.00 off CVS tums
-5.00 ECB
Total= 3.02

4th Transaction
Gillette mens 2/1 wash (2) 3.99
Gillette deodarant (2) 1.37
Lady speed stick (1) .87
Old spice deodarant (1) 1.37
Mens speedstick (2) .87
Suave deodarant (1) 1.15
Crest toothpaste (5) .90
Sensodyne toothpaste (2) 1.00
Zooth toothbrush (2) 1.65
Johnson 1st aid kit (1) .99
coupons used
-4.00 off gillette (2)
-3.99 off gillette (2)
-1.00 off sensodyne (2)
-1.00 off zooth (2)
-.75 off crest (2)
-.99 off johnson 1st aid (1)
-.50 off suave
-.50 off ladys speed stick
-.50 off mens speed stick
-1.00 off old spice
-1.00 off crest
Total = .27  AMAZING!!!!
 (Most of this stuff is going to my donate box)
 My total bill for CVS is $10.19  with a savings of $150.53

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2010 Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule

2010 Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule


3/7: Smart Source, Red Plum & Procter and Gamble

3/14: Smart Source& Red Plum

3/21: Smart Source& Red Plum

3/28:2 Smart Source & Red Plum & Procter and Gamble


4/4: No Inserts

4/11: Smart Source & Red Plum

4/18: Smart Source & Red Plum

4/25: Smart Source & Red Plum


5/2: Smart Source & Red Plum & P&G

5/9: Smart Source & Red Plum

5/16: 2 Smart Source & Red Plum

5/23: Smart Source & Red Plum

5/30: No Inserts


6/6: Smart Source & Red Plum & Procter and Gamble

6/13: Smart Source

6/20: Smart Source & Red Plum

6/27: Smart Source & Red Plum


7/4: No Inserts

7/11: Smart Source & Red Plum

7/18: Smart Source

7/25: Smart Source & Red Plum


8/1: Smart Source & Red Plum & Procter and Gamble

8/8: Smart Source & Red Plum

8/15: Smart Source & Red Plum

8/22: Smart Source & Red Plum

8/29: Smart Source & Red Plum & P&G Insert


9/5: No Inserts

9/12: Smart Source & 2 Red Plum

9/19: Smart Source & Red Plum

9/26: Smart Source & Red Plum


10/3: Smart Source & Red Plum & Procter and Gamble

10/10: Smart Source & Red Plum

10/17: Smart Source & Red Plum

10/24: Smart Source & Red Plum

10/31: Smart Source & Red Plum


11/7: Smart Source & Red Plum & Procter and Gamble

11/14: Smart Source & Red Plum

11/21: Smart Source & Red Plum

11/28: No Inserts


12/5: Smart Source & Red Plum & Procter and Gamble

12/12: Smart Source & Red Plum

12/19: No Inserts

12/26: No Inserts

My rule of thumb… I purchase the amount of newspapers according to people in my household.. so I try to buy two double papers every week….

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“The Dacula Farmer’s Market”

One of my favorite things to do on Saturday morning is go to “The Dacula Farmer’s Market” hosted by Rancho Alegre.  There are several wonderful vendors all focused on eating and living on the goodness that God makes.   I have purchased natural-grass fed beef from Stokes Family Farm and that is the best beef I have ever cooked, eaten and served to my family.  Anthony Stokes the farm owner, offers classes for cooking grass fed beef and is a book of knowledge when it comes to farming and food.  Twice a year he hosts an open house.  Last summer Aubrey and I had an opportunity to visit the farm and say hello the the chickens, pigs and cows.  I was fun, hot, and very informative.  
They are currently taking deposits on beef for the April 24 pickup. After May 1 they will only offer 1/4 cows unless you are a Founder. If you would like to place an order, contact Anthony .

I have also purchased from the Dacula Natural Buyers Club.  A large box is $50 and a small box is $30.  Which is a good price for organic and naturally grown produce.  The next pick up is Sat. April 3rd at the Dacula Farmer’s Market .  Orders must be  paid for my March 30th via email or call  (770)339-3065.
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