Rancho Alegre

One of my favorite local farms Racho Alegre is having an open house tomorrow August 28, 2010 8am- 12pm.  You will be able to pick  your own selection of fresh produce and the kiddos can enjoy a pony ride. 
Racho Alegre is also apart of the Dacula Buyers Club which offers Organic produce boxes for sell, the next pick up date is Saturday, September 11 from 8:30am – 12pm, orders and payments will need to be placed by noon on Wednesday, September  8th.  For more info click here
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Free What to do with my crops? seminar

The Family Treee Garden Center is hosting a free seminar Saturday, July 10th @10 am
Join Ines Beltran, Family and Consumer Sciences Agent of Gwinnett County Extnesion Service
Learn how to correctly preserve all the food you have been growing in your garden.  Ines will teach you how to freeze, can, and store your crops for maximun flavor and nutrional benefit.
For more details, click HERE
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Wellness Wednesday

Natural ways to make your water more flavorful

We all know that water is the most important thing our body needs.  Here are some ideas to get some flavor into your water.

Salt– salt has electrolytes which help absorb water quickly, this is a great for when you are working out.

Berries– adds sweetness in your water, just cut or crush and add to your water

Cucumber– makes water taste very refreshing and it looks very spa like

Ginger– great during the winter when you have a sore throat or cold, just add ginger to boiling water

Herbs– my favorite is mint, adds spice and aroma to your water

Citrus– many of us already add lemon to our water, but you can also other citrus which produces water infused with vitamin C

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Tuesday Tips

Today’s tip ….

Would you like to take some baby steps to living a GREENER life style? Here is a recipe for an All-purpose cleaner. This cleaner is great for hard surfaces such as mirrors, countertops, kitchen floors, and windows. I normally go to the dollar store to get my spray bottle.

You will need

White distilled vinegar


It’s very simple add equal amounts of each vinegar to water, and there you have it….your all purpose cleaner. Don’t forget to use you old newspapers for cleaning your mirrors and windows.

If  you have any questions or suggestions, please leave comments!!!!  I love to hear from my readers!!!!

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My Lowe’s Coupons

I just got an email from Lowe’s and you can now sign up and print out some good coupons online….

$5 off Whirlpool Large Capacity Whole House Pleated Filer
$2 off Whirlpool Whole House Drop-In Filter 2pk
$0.50 off Any One (1) Green Works Natural Cleaner or Laundry Product
$1 off Any One (1) Tide Detergent Product
$3.25 off Any Tide Total Care Laundry Detergent
$2 off Brita Replacement Filter 3pk

FYI: Lowe’s also accepts competitor coupons!!!  Check if your local Lowe’s will can combine manufacture and store coupons.  Just a though for some wonderful savings!!

Thanks Lowe’s!

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If you dare to try this…..

I read in a book or magazine (I can’t rememver) that Apple Cider Vinager is a good hair conditioner.  So last week I tried it and (OMG!!!!)  it left my hair feeling very very silky and smooth.  Better yet, my hair did not smell afterwards either.  I looked into the benefits to apple cider vinager and it is suppose to be good for dandruff.  So if you dare try it and let me know what you think.  Just make sure  you don’t let any drip in your eyes, it burns my eyes just smelling it… besides that I am very happy with my new discovery of an all natural “green” hair conditioner.  Do you have any natural hair alternatives that you would like to share?
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Washington Farms Opens Today

Are you ready to pick some fresh strawberries?  Today April 22, Washington Farms opens both locations, in Loganville and Watkinsville.  They will be open until 8pm, but call if you plan to make it later in the day to sure there are still ripe berries ready to pick.
Athens/Watkinsville, GA
5691 Hog Mountain Road (Hwy.53)
Watkinsville, GA 30677
Phone: (706) 769-0627
Loganville, GA
270 Willowwind Drive
Loganville, GA 30052
Phone: (770) 554-8119

I love supporting our local farmers!!  Do you have any places that you love that are locally owned?
Thanks Washington Farms!!!

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