Christopoulos year of savings




JANURARY    346.72      597.02       281.03            172.19%

FEBURARY    282.48      653.6          282.11            231.38%

TOTAL           629.2         1250.62      563.14           198.76%

We average about $50 a week on groceries and $10 at the pharmacy.  I know I went a little over budget but I accumulated a good stock pile of toiletries.  I’ll post a picture later…..

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Favorite Free Websites

My Favorite Free Websites

Silver Jewelry Club is an awesome website that offers beautiful high-quality jewelry for FREE. All you have to pay is a $5.99 shipping and handling fee. I have purchased several earrings and necklaces for my self and gifts and the quality is excellent. Buy some gifts for family and friends or just slurge on yourself . free jewlery

Mint is a great website of budgeting and keeping track of your spending. Once you open an account you can link all of you checking/saving accounts, credit cards, and other loans to your account. The website sends you an email when a balance is getting low or when a payment is due. You can also track how and where you spend most of you money. This is a great way to start a way to save money for the new year.  You can start tracking  your finances by clicking here.

I love this website. Just type in your favorite artist and listen to songs that a similar in genre. Periodically, you will hear an advertisement, but nothing that is longer that 30 seconds. I will time out after a period of time to make sure that you are still listening to music. click here to check it out

I will add to this list, as I come across more wonderful sites, or if  you have any websites that you would like to add, please let me know

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